“My favorite memory was the three partners taking that first sip of beer from our newly installed brew house. Second to that must be watching the reaction of others as they taste our beer for the first time.” KEVIN BRENTLEY, KEBENJA BREWERIES FIRST BEGAN: We aren’t sure if it was a mid-life crisis and instead…

“It is exciting to be part of this beer-drinking revolution!”
Jackie Robertson, Saggystone

“Quality, consistency and going the extra mile to use the best equipment and products we can afford. We also have no intention to become the biggest, but to be sustainable and ensuring high quality. An added bonus is when people say ‘I normally don’t drink beer but this is awesome !”
PG, Klipbokkop.

“It is great fun having a few cold ones whilst trying to name the beers.” – Charne Vries, Wild Clover Breweries