“My favorite memory was the three partners taking that first sip of beer from our newly installed brew house. Second to that must be watching the reaction of others as they taste our beer for the first time.”

FIRST BEGAN: We aren’t sure if it was a mid-life crisis and instead of buying bikes we turned to brewing, or maybe it was the MasterChef conditioning on TV. Either way I think the whole idea of making something with your own hands and enjoying it is quite satisfying. Brewing first started with the normal plastic 25l kit brewing with some mixed results, which then progressed to buying a 60l German homebrew kettle to test brewing with all-grain. We quickly outgrew our own personal demand for home brew which led us to making a bigger investment in buying a 150l brewing system from Spadoni.

THE MISSION: We still see it as a hobby, but making the mind-shift that it isn’t only about making beer, it’s about the whole experience is an important one. We needed to consider all of these essential aspects:


GOING STRONG: We currently have 4 beers, two lagers, ale and a pilsner. At the moment our quantities are low, about 1500l per month. We are aiming for 2400l per month by the end of 2016.

TESTAMENT TO… Viglietti Industries – they taught us to plan ahead and not take shortcuts when it comes to brewing equipment. Making quality craft beer is not quick and easy and making short term decisions can often result in long-term delays.

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