“Quality, consistency and going the extra mile to use the best equipment and products we can afford. We also have no intention to become the biggest, but to be sustainable and ensuring high quality. An added bonus is when  people say ‘I normally don’t drink beer but this is awesome !”
PG, Klipbokkop.

First began: I’ve never been a huge beer drinker, but one afternoon, a couple of friends and I, tasted craft beer. The beer had a lot of promise, but I thought that it could be done better.

The mission: The thought that craft beer could be made better stayed with me and I started to research the craft. With water being such a huge part of beer making, and Klipbokkop having perfect water, it was the deciding factor to venture on and begin brewing.

Installed by: We played around and experimented for a couple of months, but our first decent installation was at the end of Feb 2015.

Going strong: It takes time to perfect a recipe and for that environment, you need to be detailed in every aspect of the brewery. We accepted that certain batches were not up to standard and we were willing to discard them and keep on trying. Currently we are distributing our four main beers and have around 5 that are still experimental. We keep growing, and by the time this is printed we would have grown again by 20%.

Props/testimonials: During the process of dealing with the Viglietti’s, you become family and they look out for their family.

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