“It is exciting to be part of this beer-drinking revolution!”
Jackie Robertson, Saggystone

First began: We were inspired by the craft beer industry nestled in the Margaret’s River Region when we visited Australia. We had recently bought a wine farm in the Robertson Wine Valley and the similarities were obvious and exciting.

The mission: The industry was wide open 10 years ago when we began so the opportunities were possible.

Installed by: We were supported in the installation process by Viglietti Industries from the beginning. As our capacity grew so did our need for the most up-to-date machinery. In 2010 our first 200 litre brewhouse was installed, followed a couple of years later with a 400 litre. We have now just recently invested in the 600 litre Italian Spadoni from Viglietti Industries because the potential is inevitable.

Going strong: We are proud of our range which includes four styles: California Steam, Desert Lager, Dark Horse Lager, and Big Red Ale. Our latest addition, Rocky River IPA, has just been introduced to the market. We have been producing up to 4000 litres per month but we can now up our capacity dramatically to 30 000 litres with the latest technology! Our unique selling point is the crystal taste of mountain water straight from the source.

Testament to… Viglietti Industries, a family run business, really hit home for us. Having a father and son working personally on your quote, purchase and installation is reassuring. There is a sense of long term commitment from the Vigliettis – their word is their bond!

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