“It is great fun having a few cold ones whilst trying to name the beers.”
Charne Vries, <Title>, Wild Clover Breweries

First began: After travelling in Europe and tasting incredible beers in Germany and Belgium I realised that our local brews were lacking and we decided to take up the challenge.

The mission: I wanted to enjoy this more than my corporate job but didn’t know if we could supply enough beer to meet the demand.

Installed by: We had finished building and installing by April 2012 with the assistance of Viglietti Industries.

Going strong: Currently we have five beers: a pilsner, a lager, a Weiss, a porter and an ale. In total we produced between 30 000 and 45 000 litres in previous years but with our new brewhouse we are making much more.

Testament to…
Fact: Italians are making designer beer.

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